'TYPO3 ist viel mehr als ein Redaktionssystem. Es ist vielmehr zum Branchenstandard für anspruchsvolle Websites avanciert.'
Matthias Krage
TYPO3 Munich
Count on an Internet firm with 10 years of TYPO3 Experience

You want to be able to edit the content of your website yourself? Then you will need a Content Management System – often abbreviated as a “CMS”.

TYPO3 is about to get the standard CMS in our industry. Not only for large website projects, but also for smaller projects that need frequent updates TYPO3 is more and more the CMS of choice. And that’s because TYPO3 offers many advantages:

  • The use of TYPO3 does not cause any running licensing costs. You will only pay for the installation and necessary adaptions to your project.
  • Popular TYPO3 makes you independent from your Internet firm – any agency will be able to take your project over in case you want to change the service provider.
  • The enormously big network of TYPO3 developers ensures a fast development and bug fixing of the CMS itself and an uncounted number of extensions.


Our TYPO3 experts in Munich will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have – and to help you to realize your individual TYPO3 project.